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I have noticed that a lot of non-vegans or new vegans seem to think that you cannot get vegan chocolate or that it is all awful. Neither are true. If you do like dark chocolate that will make it a lot more convenient for you but there are great vegan milk chocolate and white chocolate options too.

When it comes to vegan chocolate you can find plenty of artisan chocolate, healthy versions, or make it yourself. However, what I am going to talk about is the more traditional chocolate bars. The sort of things I think a new vegan should know are out there.

In Supermarkets

You can find lots of accidently vegan dark chocolate in supermarkets and most have Free From options. The (rather obvious) key really is to check the ingredients or for a vegan mark. You might find Moo Free depending on which supermarket you are at.

You can find vegan chocolate in supermarkets and it can be a good way to settle a quick craving. Dark chocolate and own brand Free From chocolate is also very affordable. But if we are going to have an honest talk here I need to admit it is far from the best vegan chocolate out there.


Supermarkets are convenient but not the best place to buy vegan chocolate. If you are lucky you will have a local vegan or wholefoods store to check out but if not look online.

Online will give you more choices and better brands. Here are some (UK) places to get you started:


I often find people asking what the best vegan chocolates are and then complaining about price. The fact if that the best quality is rarely the cheapest! If you want cheap options they are easy to find but if you want great options you will have to pay extra for that.

“I tried it once, I didn’t like it.”

This is another one of those things I hear over and over again. If you have tried and hated one or two brands of vegan chocolate, it means you dislike those not all vegan chocolate. Most people first try the vegan chocolate they find in a supermarket and in my opinion they are not the best examples of good quality vegan chocolate. If this is you then try other types.

My favourites

There is plenty of chocolate I am yet to try but so far I would really recommend at least trying some of these brands:

  • Vego – A favourite amongst many other vegans I know.
  • iChoc – Really good option for milk and white chocolate lovers.
  • Vivani – Good for dark or white chocolate lovers. Not a vegan brand so check the ingredients but they do vegan options!
  • Go Max Go – This company make vegan versions of popular non-vegan chocolate bars.



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