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Apple pancakes

PancakeAppleI have written about sweet and savoury American style pancakes before HERE but I think it is time I talked about ‘English style’ pancakes. In the UK if you say pancakes without stating American or crepes everyone will know which type you mean.  It is possible other places make this type too, but the UK is where I know them from. However, I have known Americans to confuse them with crepes. So on the off chance you do not know about this type of pancake it is larger and thinner than the traditional American pancake but thicker than a crape.

I use the most basic recipe for pancakes but if you want a fancy one with a long list of ingredient they are out there too. I use 50% self-rising flour and 50% vegan milk for American pancakes and 50% plain flour and 50% vegan milk for the ‘English style’. Very simple and you can add other things if you want to flavour them. But today I decided to shake things up and experiment a bit with apple pancakes.

Notes- I am going to give you a slightly odd ratio but it does not have to be exact; you just need to know to add a little more apple juice, just a splash or two but not much! I am also not going to give exact measurements because it depends on how many you are making; however, as a rough guide ¼ of a cup of each ingredient (plus an extra splash of the juice) made two.


  • 48% plain white flour
  • 52% apple juice
  • Splash of oil


Sieve the flour and then add the apple juice and mix thoroughly with a whisk. Heat a little oil in a pan until hot and then pour some of the mixture into the pan. You do not want to pour lots in at once or they will turn out too thick, you can put a few spoonsfuls into the pan and spread it around (very quickly) to create the right thickness. Cook on one side and then flip over and cook the other side. Repeat with the rest of the mixture.



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