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Yes, vegan kids and adults alike can enjoy jelly/jello! True traditionally it contains gelatine but it does not have to. There are both pre-made and mixes that are vegan and available in supermarkets. Personally I use just wholefoods jelly and I think it is pretty great.

You can buy just wholefoods jelly at many wholefoods and vegan stores or online shops. You can even get it on Amazon.

The classic kids party treat obviously goes great with ice cream, as I wrote about HERE vegan ice cream is also easy to find. But here are two ways you can jazz up jelly to make it a little more fun.

jellyDragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a pretty fruit you can use that to make some seriously pretty jelly. I admit they are not always easy to come by but if you can get hold of one save a little for decoration and then mash the rest of it and add it to you jelly while you are mixing it. You will end up with those pretty little seeds inside. I think the dragon fruit flavour goes well with raspberry jelly.

jellytiltTilted jelly

If you are a Pinterest fan you might already be familiar with tilted jelly shots, although mine are alcohol free. The concept is simple; you buy two different coloured jelly mixes, make one then tilt the container/s and leaving it to set before adding the other one. I used single serve glass dishes and used some cardboard to prop up on end while in the fridge.


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