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Most non vegans I know think we cannot have ice cream. A few realise vegan ice cream exists but presume it is only sold in the few vegan stores dotted about the UK. This is utter rubbish! I have never gone to a major UK supermarket and not found vegan ice cream.

Okay, I admit that the choice of flavours is not always exceptional but even if you look at the past year you can see how quickly the choice is expanding. It is obvious some supermarkets have more choice than others too. But no matter where you shop you will almost certainly be able to find vanilla Swedish Glace and probably some coconut collaborative or almond dream products along with a number of sorbet options. Most (not all) branches of Tesco have Free From strawberry cones and choc ice sticks. Most (not all) branches of Morrisons also sell strawberry cones and choc ice sticks along with a chocolate cone. Many Holland and Barret stores sell Booja Booja ice cream and if you happen to have a wholefoods/vegan store nearby you may find brands like Food Heaven. If you want to push the boat out with cost but be spoiled for choice Ocado stock an impressive range of vegan ice cream.

“Oh but it’s not the same!” I hear you shout. Well, I was raised vegetarian and know full well what dairy ice cream tastes like and the vegan versions are as good and in some cases better. In fact, my non vegan Grandmother-in-law often buys vegan ice cream because it tastes THAT good.

So non vegans please stop telling me I am missing out on ice cream!


2 comments on “Vegan ice cream

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  2. israelisalad
    February 6, 2017

    I have a vegan ice cream recipe in honor of International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. You’re invited to join my virtual ice cream party:


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