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eggbreadI heard the buzz about Follow Your Heart vegan egg replacer and I was not convinced. I have heard mixed reviews from people using it to make scrambled eggs and if we are honest it is not a cheap item. But when I saw it when shopping at a vegan store I made an impulse buy.

As I have said before I grew up a vegetarian, not vegan, and I actually never really liked eggs very much. I did however occasionally like egg-bread (a.k.a French toast).  Although I ate it in a very particular way; I made egg-bread sandwiches filled with cheese, chips/fries, and ketchup. Obviously I have not eaten this meal since going vegan but after our last splurge on unnecessary vegan items I had the chance to veganize it and it worked perfectly! It even won over my (also vegan) husband who was really resistant to even trying it.

I made the ‘egg’ up as directed and soaked slices of bread in it before sticking it in a frying pan with a little oil to cook. Then filled them with ketchup and chips/fries and Vegusto no-moo melty cheese. I am a bit of a vegan cheese snob and do not like many but Vegusto melty is a favourite of mine and the strong flavour stood out well in this.

I know this meal is not for everyone. It is neither pretty or complicated. However, I eat it when I need a filling junk food fix. But I am very impressed by Follow Your Heart ‘egg’ and can recommend it for any vegan looking for an egg-bread fix.




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