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Smoothie sorbets


I like smoothies. I like sorbets. It turns out you can mix the two and make something new.

I discovered that if I make up my favourite smoothies but add a little sugar to them and pop them in the freezer and go back and give it a quick stir every 20 or so minutes for about 3 hours you end up with something resembling a sorbet. Adding the sugar and the mixing is the key though since you do not want it to crystallise too much. So with no ice cream maker and no precise recipe you end up with a lower sugar sorbet. If low sugar is not a concern for you add a bit more sugar and reduce the risk of it crystallising.

Blending frozen pineapple and mango with orange juice is my favourite followed by frozen mixed berries and apple juice. But basically any smoothie would work and if you happen to like bananas a banana based one will give you a smother texture. You can mix things up and use a vegan milk or yogurt instead of fruit juice too.

Why on earth would I go to that effort? Well, one day I wanted a desert and had nothing in with no plans to go shopping that day. Is it the best way to make sorbet? Probably not. Is it a nice cheat to know about? I think so.


Note: I served these in chocolate cases. Made by melting chocolate and spreading it into cupcakes, putting them into the fridge to set, then peeling the cases away.

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