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Pesto and peppers

PestoPepper2I have a bit of an obsession with pesto and peppers. They just taste so gosh darn good together. It does not take much time or effort to whip up a lunch using them either. I do not mind taking a bit of time when cooking dinner but at lunch the simpler the better.

My favourite way to cook pepper is in a griddle pan because you do not need to use oil so they are not left greasy and the pan gets nice and hot so they end up perfectly soft without leaving them in for oven for what feels like an eternity. Plus, who does not love that chargrilled look? This said a BBQ works just as well if you are lucky enough to have some BBQ weather.

Most pesto is not vegan but you can buy the Sacla Free From pesto in pretty much all UK supermarkets. If you have a vegan or wholefood shop nearby you might even be able to find more choice of brands and of course you could always make your own.

I love filling a tortilla wrap with pesto and cooked peppers and then heating the completed wrap in the griddle pan to heat throughout. But on an even more lazy day I am more than happy to sick it in a burger bun too.



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