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Fruit and chocolate quesadillas

FruitQ2One day I was going to make my kids quick quesadillas for lunch but did not have the vegetables in I needed so used fruit and chocolate instead. They loved them!

I cook them in a griddle pan but I am 99% sure they would work on a BBQ too. The idea is simple; get a tortilla wrap and fill half with fruit you like and the other half with chocolate syrup or spread then fold it and cook it. Bananas, strawberries, pineapple, and nectarines all cook well and you can try adding sprinkles like almond dust or dry coconut too. You can experiment with sweet syrups, spreads, and sauces to make them just to your own taste.

These are really fun for kids and you can even get them to help them build up their own. Serve it with a side of fruit for a yummy kids lunch or with vegan ice cream as a BBQ dessert option.

Here is the inside of some we have made. The big one is banana and blueberries with almond dust and Hot Shots chocolate sauce.  The small one is strawberry with coconut and Hot Shots chocolate sauce.



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