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Energy balls

EnergyBallsYou have probably heard of energy balls before but if it is a new concept to you they are a healthy snack packed fully of nutrients. I make and leave them inside a lunch box on the kitchen worktop when my kids are having growth spurts and seem to snack every 10 minutes.

You can find lots, and lots, and lots of recipes for them online. I doubt I can give you something amazing you have never heard of before but here is how I make them.


  1. I use a base which is always either dry dates or raisins
  2. I add a bit of extra dry fruit such as apricots or cranberries
  3. I also add some type of chopped nuts/seeds/almond
  4. I blend them all together – I add a splash of water if needed
  5. I roll them into balls and coat in desiccated coconut or coco powder

Quick, easy, and no overly fancy ingredients. If there is a good offer on dry fruit and/or nuts and seeds where I am shopping then they are more likely to end up in the energy balls.




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