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Mexchoc1I am going to start off by admitting I did not get this Taza chocolate for myself. It is a bit more expensive than the sort I would buy. No, I got this as a gift for my son. He has wanted to try plain cacao so I knew he would be impressed with the cacao nibs. He is also obsessed with Mexico and Taza use a stone ground method that is used in Mexico. They also sell Mexican inspired  flavors. It is worth mentioning they are a product of America though. Obviously since I am writing about them they are also vegan.

This was a birthday gift (one of many) however his birthday is around Cinco de Mayo so coincidently we did end up trying this on Cinco de Mayo. It really was accidental timing though.

My son kindly offered (force fed) me some. The flavor really packs a punch. It is very dark chocolate so not for someone who has a very sweet tooth. The only disk currently opened is the Guajillo Chili which I found rather spicy. My 6 year old son however informs me that I am wrong and it tastes great.

My son loves this stuff. Due to the price tag I hope he will not get too used to it. I enjoyed trying it and look forward to a tiny bit of some of the other flavors too. We experimented with the nibs in hot almond milk and I think we may experiment a little more with using them in cooking.

While it is never going to be my favorite chocolate it was a bit of an adventure into eating something I have never had before. What I really love about this chocolate is the story behind Taza and some of the off beat recipes on their page.



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