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I recently went Glamping. If you do not know what that is it is camping with a bit of extra luxury. It was a tent but a tent with a 4 poster bed and a bathroom. The kitchen was small and basic though. It consisted of a fridge, hob, sink, and a truly tiny worktop. Add to that we was in France to vegan shopping simply does not happen other than bread, fruit, and vegetables. So we planned ahead a little and took some store cupboard basics. Plus a few pans.

So I wanted to keep it simple. I was on holiday after all so the massive stress of cooking in a tiny kitchen in a tent was not part of the plan. In a morning we went really basic with either beans or spaghetti and toast. Lunches were sandwiches and crisps/potato chips. Dinners involved fajitas, bruschetta, or pasta.

Free from pesto became our best friend. It is very versatile. We used it on bruschetta and to add flavor to salad sandwiches for picnics. We could have used it as a pasta sauce if we had to too.

We did take lots of store cupboard basics, more than we needed. I also spent the day before we went baking. I made banana and raisin bread, double chocolate and orange muffins, and raisin and coconut muffins. I also made energy balls. Once again I overdid it and made way more than we managed to eat! But they were delicious and well worth the effort.

I thought I would hate glamping but I really enjoyed it so now I need to practice some quick one pan cooking recipes.

If you want to know more about the tent look HERE.


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