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I grew up a vegetarian, not vegan, and back then it was very hard to find vegetarian food in shops and eating out was near impossible. That sound ridiculous now that in the UK vegetarian food is widely available and clearly marked. There is a lot of choice of vegan food too and companies are waking up to the demand for it so the supply is only growing. The one place where vegan food is a little more difficult is the takeaway.

Just because we are vegan does not mean we want to sit alone on a sofa on a Friday night with a bowl of lettuce! So here are my take-away tips.

Vegan takeaways exist

We are not all lucky enough to live near a vegan take-away, in fact most of us do not, but they do exist. If you are in London or Brighton, you can order a vegan take away on Just-Eat. Hungry House has suggestions for a few other locations that offer vegan options.

Vegan restaurants, take-aways, and food trucks are on the rise so if like me you do not have one near you just yet be sure to keep your eye out!

Chain takeaways

Chain restaurants have two benefits for vegans. Firstly, they tend to be consistent and secondly they tend to catch onto emerging markets. So this is a good place to look for vegan food and often they have the option to take-away as well as eat in.

I am going to give Pizza Express a mention since you can order directly from the menu without making amendments. However, take a look around other sites too and call ahead and ask if needs be.

Local takeaways

It is generally the local take-away that seem the least vegan friendly. But there are some surprises here because sometimes those dishes listed as vegetarian also happen to be vegan. Sometimes they are willing to alter things to make them vegan.

We had great luck with an Indian take-away for months. We went in and talked to them and they told us what was and was not vegan, two of them were not 100% sure about one item so went and talked to the chef. They even told us we could order most of the vegetable dishes and if we told them each time we placed an order they would cook with vegetable oil rather than ghee. Unfortunately, after months of no issues we did get an order clearly cooked with ghee and with yogurt on top which did put us off.

But the moral of the story is to go in and talk to them. The worst that can happen is they will say they cannot cater for you but there is a decent chance they will!


When you find vegan take-away recommend them to your vegan friends and on vegan groups. The more people that order vegan the more likely they are to clearly mark it on the menu and the more options they will be likely to offer.


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