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GingerHouseAs I mentioned in my Alton Towers post we enjoy theme parks. This week we went to LEGOLAND in Windsor. It is always good to share information about vegan food so here is what I was told and what I noticed in the park.

Pasta and salad

I recall getting a vague tweet last year when I asked about vegan food. It basically said there was none at all. However, I got a more helpful e-mail this year saying that the tomato pasta at Hill Top Café and the pasta and salad at Heartlake City pizza are the only vegan options at LEGOLAND. Although after looking at the allergen list it looks like the tomato pasta at Duplo family buffet seems vegan too.

The e-mail suggested talking to a member of staff before ordering which is generally a good idea anyway

Jacket potato and beans

Although not listed in the e-mail I got I did notice jacket potatoes and beans are sold in the park. The menu actually says a jacket potato with cheese and beans but I am sure if you ask for it without the cheese you will not run into any issues.


The grab and go food includes fruit pots; these are very overpriced! You can also buy Pringles at a number of locations throughout the park.


Yes, I know it is not a find at the park but a picnic is a good way to be sure you will enjoy the food and it is cheaper too! We had no issues going through the bag check with the food and unlike some theme parks LEGOLAND actually has picnic tables dotted about the park.

Do you have any vegan finds at LEGOLAND Windsor?


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