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Pizza Express

Pizza Express is great for vegans. Some items on the menu are already vegan and a few can be made vegan. The really great thing is when you go in you are not treated like you have grown a second head when you mention you are vegan. Every time I have gone they have been very helpful.

They do a vegan pizza called the Pianta which is cheese-less however the sauce used is spicy and the whole combination tastes way better than if they used cheese. But if you want vegan cheese on the pizza if you bring in your own in a sealed pack they will add it for you. You can of course order a cheese-less pizza (or bring your own) with a regular tomato sauce and/or different topping.

The raspberry sorbet is also vegan so you can enjoy a desert too. I am delighted to find out that the new menu also features a fruit ice pop on the children’s menu meaning you can now (with a few modifications) take full advantage of the Piccolo deal for little vegans too.

So there are a few things that are not vegan on the main menu but can be made vegan based off the information on the allergen menu. For example, the dough balls come with garlic butter so if you ask for garlic oil instead they are suitable. The ingredients for the oven baked polenta chips are vegan but they are finished with cheese and served with a honey based dip so you need to ask for it without cheese added at the end and for the dip to be replaced with an infused oil. The dough for the bruschetta is vegan as is the tomato bruschetta topping but you need to ask for it without pesto. Ask for the bruschetta dough with garlic oil instead of garlic butter for garlic bread. I would always recommend double checking with a member of staff first. Since menus can and do change it is worth keeping that in mind when adapting meals too.

The great thing about Pizza Express is that the food is made fresh and the staff are almost always very helpful. So you can mix and match food without too much issue. Since the pasta is vegan you can probably even get them to add some of the tomato sauce with grilled vegetables if you so wish.




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