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Motorway picnic

Sometimes people tell me how difficult it is to be vegan…this is never said by a vegan though! Contrary to popular belief I do not have to shop in special stores for strange looking items made from tofu and kale.

In fact, it is fairly easy to grab food on the go. I am not suggesting I can walk into any place I want and find vegan food because we are not there yet. We will be, I remember when you could not find vegetarian food anywhere. But it is not impossible to find.

We go to theme parks and museums a lot and they do not tend to have much choice when it comes to food (plus it is gross). So we tend to plan to eat out before or after the visit or take a picnic but sometimes we pick up an impromptu picnic at the motorway services. I feel like this is a really good example about how you can find vegan food to eat in everyday life without any real planning.

Vegetable samosas are very popular in our family; they are far nicer and less boring than a sandwich. Some of my family (admittedly not me) is always happy to find a vegan sushi. There are always plenty of fruit and salad options and carrots with hummus. Plus, snacks like crisps and occasionally oat bars like Trek or Frys chocolate bars. It is a little basic but for a filling option you can normally find a Subway for a foot-long salad sandwich.


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