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DinnerWinnerI love these dinner winner plates for kids. It seems like (almost) every time someone sees them they want one. They are just fun to look and fun to use. What I really like about it is that you can fill it with lots of different stuff.

They work out a nice size for a light lunch although they are a bit too small for a bigger dinner. Here I filled it with pesto pinwheels, nuts, fruit, salad, and an Oreo (international readers- they are vegan in the UK but not America).

I have one son who loves to go from start to finish and another who just picks at the bits he likes. Both are fine by me.

However, I was really surprised to see people having a debate about how dreadful these plates are. Apparently some people believe they encourage children to be fussy. I can tell you that this is absolute rubbish. I was, and I guess still am, a fussy eater – which is not related to veganism. One of my two sons is also a fussy eater. A fussy eater does not suddenly start eating more types of food because of the plate it is on! Personally I like adding a little whimsy to my children’s lunch from time to time.

I have seen some other fun plates involving making food faces and buildings but I am fond of how practical these ones are in terms of portion size and variety.

Note: You can find them HERE in the UK and HERE in the USA. If you live elsewhere check out Amazon in your country.

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