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Vegan grilled sandwich ideas

ToastieThe grilled sandwich a.k.a the toastie is so quick and simple. They are great for breakfast or lunch. But what to fill them with? There are so many filling ideas but here are a few of my tried and tested ones.

  • Vegan cheese
  • Cheese and ham substitutes
  • Sliced tomatoes and avocado
  • Pesto and sliced tomatoes
  • Pesto and red pepper
  • Aubergine/eggplant with hummus
  • Slightly mushed up tomatoes with paprika
  • Flash fried mushrooms and spinach (add a little spice or garlic for an extra kick)
  • Vegan chocolate spread and strawberries
  • Peanut butter and banana
  • Pizza style; tomato paste, vegan cheese, and vegan style peperoni
  • The Tex-Mex; vegan cheese, chunky salsa, and thinly sliced avocado (jalapenos optional)
  • The caprese; sliced tomatoes, vegan mozzarella, and a little pesto
  • The veg stack; hummus with pre-cooked onion, peppers, and courgette

Do you have any vegan grilled sandwich filling ideas?


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