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Vegan at Alton Towers

I like theme parks but unfortunately theme parks do not seem to like vegans. The question about what is vegan at popular theme parks seems to get asked a lot on vegan groups online. Considering the number of people who are vegan, or even vegetarian, or a meat reducer it seems odd to be that theme parks do not have a couple of vegan options. People want them and they would make money from them!

The park I visit the most is Alton Towers partly because me and my family have Merlin passes and partly because it is closer to us than the other theme parks in the UK. Last year I e-mailed Alton Towers who told me they do not have vegan options. I also e-mailed Merlin Entertainment who told me they do not cater to us in any of their attractions.

Fortunately, (ish) this is not strictly true. I think the go to answer for a number of businesses is to say they have nothing vegan even if they actually do. I do not know if they misunderstand the question or do not want to go out on a limb and fear repercussions. Now let me be very clear here; they do no cater in the sense they made an effort, the list of options is tiny, and they often sell out quickly. There are new restaurant opening this year and I hope that some vegan options are on the menu but I am not holding my breath.

I have seen discussions about what could be vegan as Alton Towers but there is no real confirmation that they are. I am going to tell you the few safe options I have found and the options that may be worth finding more about.

Jacket potatoes and beans

Yes, the bland go to option of vegans everywhere when there is nothing else to eat. We have always got them at the little café next to Ripsaw but since Ripsaw had just got pulled down I am not 100% sure that place is still there and they often sold out quickly anyway. However, there is a jacket potato shop in pirate bay.

Fruit pots

You can normally find fruit pots in the places they serve grab and go food like sandwiches and crisps.

Vegan sandwich and crisps

Normally I would say that a falafel and hummus sandwich was too stereotypically vegan and boring but I was excited when I found this. We found it by the café near Ripsaw however I strongly suspect it can be found in any of the shops that sell pre-packed sandwiches. That is just a hunch but since they are all run the same I think it is a good guess. You can find crisps all over the park too. The big issue is they do not have much stock of these so finding one can be difficult.


Potential options (NOT confirmed as vegan)

Chips at the fish and chip shop- I have not had this confirmed but I have seen enough people say it to think it is worth mentioning. Rumour has it that the fish and chip shop uses just potatoes and oil with a separate fryer. Also chip shop sides like beans. I did attempt to go in and find out once however it smells very strongly of fish and that smell makes me sick so I had to leave. If you are interested, it may be worth going in and finding out.

Sausages at the Courtyard Tavern- They have vegetarian sausages with a jacket potato on the kid’s meal. A lot restaurants seem to use Linda McCartney, I guess since it is a well-known brand, so it might be worth going in and asking to look at their allergen book.

Pasta served at various locations- I have seen this mentioned online before however I am not fully sure. This could go either way. I doubt they are using egg pasta but who knows about the sauce? It is worth asking.


We now just take a picnic. It is irritating having to rush to make it before you go and carry it about. It is frustrating that they cannot offer us just a few decent vegan options. But if you want to know for sure you can eat then a picnic is the best option. To be honest theme park food is overpriced and does not taste good so despite the fact it is not convenient you are more likely to be able to eat something you enjoy with a picnic.


Have you got any confirmed vegan finds at Alton Towers?



3 comments on “Vegan at Alton Towers

  1. Healthy and Psyched
    April 16, 2016

    Great article. I think this will be helpful for lots of people 🙂

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  3. Roxi
    October 22, 2016

    Thank you. I am going tomorrow at Alton Towers. I’m really curious about what I am going to eat

    Liked by 1 person

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