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My top 3 breakfasts for kids

I almost always eat the same thing for breakfast every morning however I never really wake up with much of a plan for what I will make my kids. Some days it is as simple as toast or cereal and other days I try something new. But here are the top 3 most popular kids breakfasts in my house.

Quick parfait

This could not be more simple. I quickly cook rolled oats in a wok and then add some pre-chopped nuts. I then use that mixture along with Alpro coconut yogurt and mixed berries to create layers in a glass. Then I sprinkle some desiccated coconut on the top.


Pancakes with fruit

For quick American style pancakes I make the batter with 50% self-rising flour and 50% almond milk. If I want to make them a bit sweeter I sometimes add a dash of golden syrup too. I serve with fruit, we tend to have bananas and strawberries in a lot and they go great with pancakes. Sometimes I might garnish with desiccated coconut and a little syrup.



A vegan and more child friendly take on the traditional British fry-up. With no oil I cook a vegan sausage, some baby tomatoes, and bread in a griddle pan. I then desperately try and time it right so I do not burn the beans or undercook a hash brown. It is a mini version for little people but this breakfast seems to come in handy during growth spurts when my kids never seem to get full.



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