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Average day – what THIS vegan eats

I always find it hard to answer what I eat on the average day because I always feel like it will sound like that is all I eat. Obviously I, like most people, eat different things on different days. However, this is what I ate today and it is a good representation of what I eat on an ‘average day’.


I start almost every day with a slice of toast and a hand full of halved baby tomatoes cooked in a griddle pan (no oil). I fill half my smoothie bottle up with frozen mango and half with frozen pineapple and then fill the rest with fresh orange juice and blend.



I do not eat the same thing every day for lunch but it is common for me to have salad sticks and warm pitta bread with hummus and a handful or raisins. I like to have another smoothie too but this time I fill half the bottle with frozen mixed berries and add apple juice.



I eat lots of different meals for dinner. But fajitas with chips/fries or a jacket potato is my go to meal when I cannot think of anything else to make. I chop mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, and red onion and cook them in my wok in oil and a fajita spice mix. I serve with shredded lettuce, salsa, hummus, and of course a tortilla wrap.



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