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Handmade Burger Co.

HBK1I like eating out and one of my favourite places to eat is the Handmade Burger Co. Vegan options are clearly marked and vegan society approved. They have got involved with Veganuary too. Having a major chain that is in most cities who are so vegan friendly is always great. I think what I like most of all is that they realised vegans do enjoy food and have really came up with delicious options and not just one token vegan burger, or worse; just chips and salad.

Currently they have 5 different vegan burgers, 2 vegan salads – with the option to add chargrilled veg on top, 4 vegan types of chips/fries, veg skewers, and a number of extra toppings. They also offer smaller burgers and kids ones that are vegan too, not as much choice for those but refreshing if you have little vegans with you. Normally if you can find vegan food on an adult menu there is next to no chance of finding some on the kid’s menu!

Now that is what is vegan on the menu but if you take a look at the allergen menu you can make the 2 vegetarian burgers vegan. The goat’s vegetable stack is not vegan because of the cheese (obviously) but if chargrilled vegetables are your sort of thing you could always ask for it without the cheese, if you wanted a little texture you could add crushed avocado. The falafel burger is not vegan because of the raita so you can just ask for it without it. Of course, if ordering off what is marked as vegan on the menu it is wise to check the allergen menu first as things can and do change, thankfully the allergen menu is clearly marked too.

There is a really good choice of main meals here. So much so that I am a little disappointed that they have no desert option and do not do vegan milkshakes since both would be very easy to do. After all their deserts are ice cream sundaes and vegan ice cream is easy to come by now. I read rumours on a vegan forum that they may be planning on introducing some at a later date; it seems to be just rumours with no clear trace back to the company but I remain hopeful.

Note: the lighting is very bad in the restaurant we go to which makes it hard to take a half decent photo.


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