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3 minute spelt risotto

spelt1I often hear people insist that vegan meals are time consuming to make and use predominantly hard to find ingredients. Some vegan meals, like some non-vegan meals, may be but not all. For example, this spelt and mushroom risotto takes around 3 minute to make and uses 2 products easily found in most UK supermarkets.

I have never had risotto before because I am not a big fan of rice (so I cannot make a direct comparison). But when I heard that spelt risotto was a thing I thought I would give it a try. Using spelt instead of rice has two benefits. Firstly, it is much quicker. Secondly, it is s good source or protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

After eating it I feel mixed about what it is like. On the plus side I do not normally cook with spelt but will now try using it more in my cooking. However, on the down side, the mushroom sauce was not for me. That is not to say it was bad exactly, I am just not adventurous when it comes to using different types of mushrooms in my cooking. So if you do love all types of mushrooms do not let me put you off.

To make it I bought some pre-cooked spelt and a SACLA free from mushroom risotto sauce. The sauce is made to be used with water and risotto rice and be reduced down but since I was using spelt that just needed heating I did not add any water. So I mixed them in a pan and cooked for around 3 minutes. Everything cooked perfectly.

Super quick and super simple.


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