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Fajita or taco bar

FajitasI can and do spend quite a bit of time cooking meals but as a busy vegan mum I like to have some ridiculously easy meals to fall back on. But I still want them to be full flavour and appealing. One of my go to meals is fajita or taco bars. They just look cool and taste good.

Everyone in my house loves them and I like the fact it does not take a lot of effort. Because this is my backup easy meal I buy pre made fajita spice mix. I am not afraid of playing around with FajitaBarherbs and spices but having young children means that my back up meal has to be consistent and a pre-done mix helps with that.

I chop up peppers, mushrooms, and red onion and cover it in oil and the spice mix and cook them in a big wok. I warm the tortillas in a griddle pan and cook some potatoes as a side dish. Then I serve with shredded lettuce, salsa, and hummus. Okay, I know that most people might think hummus instead of guacamole is odd but what can I say we are an odd family!

I like the fajita veg in soft tacos too however one of my sons likes mixed beans cooked in a BBQ spice mix.


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