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10,000 hours of cooking

cupcakesstandHave you ever heard about the 10,000-hour rule? It is basically a theory that suggests you need to practice something for 10,000 hours in order to become an expert at it. If you have not heard of this theory, then you have probably heard of the saying ‘practice makes perfect’. It might sound a bit cliché but let’s be honest, it makes sense. Not many people start doing something and are instantly great at it. It happens but not often. The more you practice the better you get. Well cooking is like that too.

I am running with this theory that if I practice cooking I am only going to get better. But sometimes it is nice to take time and look back to see how much you have improved with practice. Here is my example. This first photo is of some cupcakes I baked. One day I baked and decorated 4 batches; chocolate, vanilla, golden syrup, and bounty (chocolate and coconut). My kids were in and out of the kitchen but I stayed on top of what I was doing and it was not too stressful.

I am not suggesting those cupcakes are perfect but if you look back to when I first started there is a big difference. First of all, baking took a long time and was stressful but more to the point they looked like a dog had done a poop on top of them!


So bear with me on this blog.

You are witnessing my 10,000 hours.


Note: The recipes for these cakes are from (or adapted from) the Ms Cupcake cookbook.

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