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Pancakes; savoury or sweet?

One of my sons loves pancakes. You can find lots of recipes online for vegan American pancakes ranging from super easy to ones with lots of ingredients. You can find indulgent ones or healthy one. But I stick to the very basic recipe of 50% self-rising flour and 50% plant milk (I use almond).

pancake1But you cannot just stick a pancake on a plate and have done with it. You have to dress it up and make a meal of it!

If I am making it as a lunch they take on a savoury edge. There are so many ways you can dress up a savoury pancake but here I did Tex-Mex inspired ones. I thickly sliced potatoes and rubbed oil and a little paprika on them and baked them in the oven until golden. Then I put them between two pancakes. For the top I cooked some vegetables, beans, and vegan Quorn in a fajita spice mix.

pancake2But if I am making them for breakfast they have to be sweet. I normally add a little bit of golden syrup to the pancake mix and then serve it with fresh fruit and desiccated coconut sprinkled on top. Sometimes I add dry fruit to the mix instead. Sometimes I serve with a quick, no sugar, fruit compote. I am even known to make them in silly shapes.

‘English style pancakes’ are particularly good for making savoury stuffed pancakes. But I am always on the lookout of ways to liven up American pancakes for my son.

So where do you fall? Sweet or savoury?


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