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Las Vegans in Paris

LVp3So, HERE, I have written about a trip to Paris we took when we visited Hank vegan Burgers. Well, the day after this we went to Las Vegans. I cannot find an official website for them so if you want to know more the best place I can send you is their page on Happy Cow.

I am going to jump right in and tell you what I loved about this place. The ice cream. OH MY! The ice cream! There was so much choice and it tasted so good. It was creamy and flavoursome and delicious. I would go again for this alone. I need to admit that it was reading about the vegan ice cream that made me go in the first place. If I get chance to go back again I would like to try some of the pastries too.

What I did not like about the place was that all the meal type foods were meat subs. I am not saying this is a bad thing. If you like meat subs this would be a dream for you but I do not so it did not suit my personal taste. While my family ordered hot dogs I went with a noodle ‘chicken’ salad. I picked the ‘chicken’ out and the rest was actually rather nice.

Places in Paris are short on space and Las Vegans is not different and as such the seating it outside. Nice on a hot day, not so great in the rain. It is also a little hard to find. But the ice cream made it worth it.


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