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Hank vegan burgers in Paris

HanksSo we have visited Paris the past two years and this year we are going to be going somewhere else. So I will tell you now about our experience eating vegan last year. Click HERE to find out about Las Vegans in Paris.

France is well known not to be vegetarian friendly at all and if you are vegan you can pretty much forget about eating. One day I will tell you about the horrors awaiting you at Disneyland Paris. However, there is one exception, central Paris! Paris has a few vegan restaurants and shops. One such place is Hank vegan burgers.

I was thankful knowing that despite not speaking French I was free to order anything from the menu and it would be vegan. I am not going to lie; I am not sure which burger I ended up with but it was good. They also have sides like chips/fries and coleslaw.

I was worried because I do not like meat subs but I was pleasantly surprised. The burgers were sort of like a meat sub and yet sort of like a vegetable burger too. I can honestly say I have never eaten anything quite like it but is was delicious.

The place is tiny and getting a seat it not easy, especially if you are in a group or are a family. Plus, you will be sat at the one large table next to people you do not know. However due to a lack of space in Paris in general this is pretty common.


If you find yourself in the area and like a good vegan burger I recommend the place.



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